Reading & Resources: April 2021

This month, we’re asking what philanthropy can learn from the past year….

In The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Tonya Allen, Kathleen Enright, and Hilary Pennington lay out ways for foundations to commit to change, including addressing inequities within their own institutions, treating grantees as partners in creating change, and exploring collaboration.
On NCRP’s blog, Siobhan Davenport gives suggestions for philanthropy to “recover right” from COVID-19 by committing to multi-year funding, focusing on the root causes of inequities, and shifting the existing power structures in the sector.
In Nonprofit Quarterly, Dax-Devlon Ross explores differences between the ways established and emerging leaders in the sector view racial equity work and how those differences can be bridged on both sides. Suggestions include having sector “elders” help emerging leaders better understand the history of the sector and encouraging emerging leaders to create better boundaries

…looking at recent reports from the sector on mission-aligned impact investing and narrative change, and sharing resources curated by our chapters, including a recent blog post on the need for philanthropy to address the erasure of AAPI voices.

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